Use of the Start2Karate WhatsApp group


In this WhatsApp group we communicate general information, questions, ...


It is a very large group, so messages here must be relevant to a larger group. If it is a specific question for you (or that of your son / daughter), please send a private message to myself (roger +32 486 13 09 19), sensei patrick (+32 475 49 41 69) or Hilde (+32 477 78 01 67).

If the answer is relevant to others as well, we will post it in the group.


Because  it is a large whatsapp group, I have only included the 'first responsible' ones on the list.

If it is important for anyone to add the ‘2nd responsible’, please let me know (private message).


practical information about lessons

The start2karate is a sequence of 5 lessons (all free, insurance included), where we build up to a basic knowledge of karate. Missing a lesson is not a problem (we repeat regularly), but ofcourse  participating in all the lessons would be best to progress.

The lessons will take place in the sports hall of the STiP municipal school in Linden (opposite the church).

2 groups :


Since we have more than 50 registrations, we will split into 2 groups of 1 hour:

group 1:     17:30h  - 18h30

group 2:      18h30 - 19h30

Below the latest proposal of 9'th of June


Above is a proposal based on:

- group 1: youngest participants

- usually family together (easier for transport), unless there is a larger age difference(if this case, better to join with school friends?)

But please let us know if you would like a change (via private message)

This division is also not 'hard', but mainly a proposal to create 2 groups of equal size.

Die hard's can also participate for 2 hours, but we expect 2 hours of commitment and concentration (which is certainly less easy for children). 

In addition to Hilde, there are 2 more adults (= parents). Other parents are certainly more than welcome (especially in group 2).



Clothing regulations: 

Comfortable sportswear. We exercise without socks, without shoes.  No objects that could injure yourself or your fellow karateka’s: bracelet, necklace, earring (unless covered with tape), etc.   If you already have a karate/judo/jujutsu suit,  please come with this. 

For those who are sure that they want to continue with the lessons, a karate suit (Gi) can also be ordered . Please check this with Hilde. Price = 25 euros, to be transferred to our account stating name, size (or height karateka). We'll try to have this available for the next lesson.


other agreements 

Karate is a sport where we not only work on our physical condition, but also on attitude, respect and commitment.  Part of this is that we try to be punctual. May I ask you to ensure that you/your child are/is present on time for the lessons

The greeting ceremony at the beginning and end of the lesson is an important part of this. Participants who are late sit to the side (in our kneeling position) and wait until the sensei comes to greet them and allow them to participate.  Please also pick up your child on time (7:30 PM or 8:30 PM). 

Exceptions are of course also possible, but please let us know via private message so that we can take this into account


Since we are split into 2 groups:


The 1st group arrives on time, so that the children can be prepared (shoes and socks out,...) so that the lining up and bowing can take place promptly at 5:30 PM.

At the end of the lesson we perform the bowing ending at 6:30 PM (on one side of the dojo - gym)


The 2nd group also arrives on time (1 hour later), so that they can line up and bow on the other side of the dojo at 6:30 PM

The sensei’s remain at the dojo between the 2 lessons, but Hilde will help where necessary with the change of groups.

In order not to interrupt the lessons, we recommend that your children (if necessary) use the bathroom before the start of their lesson.  If advisable (warm temperature, intense training) we will foresee a common drink pause halfway (so a bottle of water could useful).


Parents who want to speak to one of the sensei’s can do so before the start of group 1 (we are there at least 15 minutes in advance), or after the 2nd lesson.



In order to allow the children/parents to practice as well at home, we selected some info
under this link with instruction documents and videos

Demonstration on  monday the 24'th of June :

At the end of the last lesson, the children will give a demonstration to their parents/family/friends (anyone who is interested).

This will take place during the last fifteen minutes of the last lesson, so on Monday June 24:

at 6:15 pm for group 1

at 7:15 PM for group 2